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Five great videos for DIY Christmas gifts

Posted by Maria Roussakis on December 11, 2015 at 10:08 AM


Christmas is just around the corner, and a common "tradition" that many people practice this time of year is last minute Christmas shopping. The weeks before Christmas can be hectic with final exams, and many students don't have time to do the arduous task of Christmas shopping. In this blog entry, I've compiled five great videos to help you make the perfect Christmas presents for your family, friends and significant other! The great thing about making presents, instead of buying them, is that they demonstrate your creativity while also being very inexpensive. In addition, many of the gifts in these videos can be made in under an hour!

1. Perfect presents for parents!

This first video demonstrates some great gift ideas to make your parents! The chalkboard mug is a really unique spin to a common present and has the added personal touch of having a thoughtful message written on it. To make this present even more special, you can include the Scrabble coasters! To finish the gift off, include some of the cute and thoughtful coupons as mentioned in the video. This gift will truly show your parents how much they mean to you.

2. Fun gifts for the rest of your family!

If you are also having trouble finding gifts for the rest of your family, this video has other terrific ideas. The clay figurines shown in the video are perfect gifts for either younger siblings or cousins and can be made into cute necklaces, charm bracelets or key chains. However, these figurines take some time to make, so give yourself a couple of days to make the gift. Another awesome gift idea for your family is a personalized calendar. This gift is especially perfect for family members that you don’t see very often. By including pictures of yourself in the calendar, your family members will think of you each time they look at their calendar.

3. Fantastic gifts for friends!

This video contains many customizable gifts that you can make for your friends. For the friend with a sweet tooth, try making the sundae ice cream kit or the chocolate bonbons! You can even include both of them together if you are feeling especially generous. For the friend you don’t see very often, a personalized picture frame along with a picture of the two of you is a great idea! For the quirky friend, you can make the arm warmers using a variety of colours. I find it really helpful that there is a simple knitting technique included in the video, in order to help those not familiar with knitting. If you are feeling adventurous, you can also make a cool pattern with the yarn.

4. More fantastic gifts for friends!

Another fantastic gift for friends is the candy cane candle! You can include some peppermint essential oil to make the candle even more authentic. The final product looks amazing and adorable! However, this gift also takes some time to make in order to let the wax cool. In addition to the regular photo frame mentioned earlier, this Polaroid photo album is another awesome way to share memories with your friends! If you're artistic, this gift will be really fun to make.

Finally, this video also includes some amazing wire bracelets that you can easily make for your friends. What I love most about these bracelets is that they can be made by simply using wire found in household items.

5. Great gifts for guys!

Last, but not least, this video contains some awesome gift ideas for the guys in your life. Since guys are typically harder to shop for, it's great to have these unique ideas on hand. All of the gifts in the video, such as the coasters, T-shirts and phone cases, are easily customizable so you can make it personalized to their favorite television show, band or movie. The personalized phone case is especially great for iPhone users, since the clear iPhone cases can be bought at a low price.

What gifts will you be making your loved ones this year? Comment below with your favourite DIY gift idea!


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