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Introducing... Emily Rowsell, Student Speak blogger

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I Will Vote October 19

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3 exciting Oshawa events to check out this September!

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Oshawa Food Review: Hollywood Cone

Science Q&A: UOIT sends a weather balloon into space

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Class of 2019 Photo Contest Winners

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Your Summer Bucket List

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Marketing at UOIT

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Target, we hardly knew you

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Winning - both on and off the ice

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Offers of admission have begun!

Academic and professional benefits of undergraduate research at UOIT

Happy Holidays from the Admissions and Recruitment team!

UOIT research receives more well-deserved recognition

Happy Holidays VLOG

University applicants, take this advice!

Relax and Create at The LivingRoom Community Art Studio

Last-minute tips before applying to university

UOIT Automotive Centre of Excellence

Puppy play day 2014!

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The most important things you learn in a university lecture

UOIT graduate story: My degree opened up diverse opportunities

UOIT graduate story: Discovering a love for writing changed everything

November 28 - Weekly Gift Card Winner

UOIT graduate story: Research was my motivation - and got me first place!

UOIT graduate story: Empowered to lead

UOIT graduate story: Practicum paved the way to a great career

UOIT graduate story: Mentoring shaped my experience

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The Winter Blues: How to stay happy in cold weather

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The UOIT Gaming Lab


Four ways university homework is different from high school homework

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