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Sarah Worthington

Sarah is a contributor to the Recruitment section of the Student Speak blog. She has a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Communication from UOIT and is a Communications Assistant with the Registrar's office. In addition, Sarah was a varsity player for five years in the university’s women’s hockey program. In her spare time, she tries to go to as many country music shows as possible and also loves reality TV shows like Big Brother.

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Local Oshawa Food Review: Bistro 238

Posted by Sarah Worthington on May 20, 2015 at 11:00 AM

As students we have a lot of things to pay for when it comes to putting ourselves through school. Why should lunch or dinner have to break the bank, too? It doesn’t, which is why we found somewhere that serves high end style cuisine with affordable pricing; perfect for a student budget. Best part about it is that it's a local Durham Region eatery just 12 to 15 minutes away from campus in Courtice, Ontario. You can find it on the Oshawa/Courtice boarder at Townline and Hwy 2. So put down the Kraft Dinner and Sidekicks (trust me, I’ve been there) and come along with us as we review Bistro 238.

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Winning - both on and off the ice

Posted by Sarah Worthington on January 12, 2015 at 12:05 PM

I am sure everyone can imagine how delighted I was when I was asked if I wanted to touch on the importance of recent coverage of the UOIT Ridgebacks hockey team. Harrison Ruess, reporter with the Sun News Network and UOIT graduate, recently visited our very own Campus Ice Centre to check out a men’s Ridgebacks hockey game against the Nipissing Lakers.

As a former hockey player in the Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS), I have to say it feels good to have some light shed on the talent and heart athletes have right here at home. To think of the impact hockey had on my overall educational experience at UOIT, I cannot help but feel anything but blessed. I joined the team in its third official year of CIS play and we grew from a last place team to losing out in double overtime playoffs to the nationally-ranked Laurier Golden Hawks. Needless to say, we were given the facilities and the support to help us grow into a healthy competing team.

Scott Barker is our Manager of Intercollegiate Sports here at UOIT. He says, “We provide a great service for student athletes and students on campus to prove and experience that when someone goes to university, it is something more than academics. It is an opportunity for people to get together in a social environment to enjoy sport.” Not only do we have family and students coming out to enjoy games, we have members of the Oshawa community rallying to support our athletes as well. It is rare you will come to a game and not see a generous crowd at the Campus Ice Centre. As a former student athlete, hockey was my outlet every day. It pushed me to be better in the classroom as well as on the ice. If you do not do well in the classroom you do not play, and I knew that I always wanted to play.

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Last-minute tips before applying to university

Posted by Sarah Worthington on December 10, 2014 at 12:00 PM

Recruitment season has come to an end for the fall season; what a ride it has been. I would hope that all of you have learned a lot from me through visits to your school, fairs, and/or this blog in itself. Surprisingly, the main thing I have taken from this experience is the amount I have learned from all of you high school students. I certainly felt like I was aging myself at the beginning of this journey, putting myself in the shoes of an eleventh or twelfth grader. The truth is I forgot how overwhelming this whole experience of picking a university can be. As the recruitment season neared its end I began to see a bit more panic and urgency in some of you high school students getting ready to submit your applications. I thought I would end on a high note with some tips that I think will help you all and help ease the nerves as you begin a wonderful new journey -- trust me, I know from experience!

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The top three FAQs about UOIT

Posted by Sarah Worthington on November 24, 2014 at 12:30 PM

As a Recruitment Officer, I thought it would be fun to talk about some frequently asked questions (FAQs) that I get while on the road. After doing this for the past three months I have definitely seen a pattern with the questions students seem most eager to ask. I hope that answering these questions can shed some light on what we UOIT folk have come to know as common knowledge.

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Important tips from a Recruitment Officer

Posted by Sarah Worthington on October 14, 2014 at 1:30 PM

Two weeks into recruitment season, I have to say that there are many things I expected with this job but many more that I did not. Firstly, I've been pleasantly surprised by the number of grade 11 and 12 students that have shown thorough drive and initiative when it comes to post-secondary learning. The number of students that came to the Ontario Universities' Fair (OUF) on their own and for their own reasons was very encouraging and makes me proud of what we are doing. These students really know what they want and it makes me feel so good when we can provide it for them.

I hope that everyone keeps working hard toward their post-secondary goals because being accepted to university is a huge accomplishment and milestone in itself. If I see any of you at our Open House I will feel like I did my job, and my hope is that you realize how many opportunities I have seen UOIT offer to our students.

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How Sarah became one of the Ridgebacks

Posted by Sarah Worthington on September 23, 2014 at 12:00 PM

It seems like forever ago when, in September 2008, I started my final year of high school and suddenly felt like I had to figure out the rest of my life right then and there; luckily I soon realized that this was not the case for my journey in choosing a university after grade 12 graduation.

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