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UOIT Spotlight: Deborah Saucier, Provost

Posted by Sara Stephen on October 26, 2016 at 5:55 PM


Dr. Deborah Saucier has been the Provost and Vice-President, Academic since 2011. The Provost is an essential member of the senior staff here at UOIT, responsible for any institutional planning and administration – and even serving as the Acting President, in his absence. The primary responsibility for the Provost is to create a positive environment and to maintain the atmosphere that makes UOIT so exceptional.

Dr. Saucier has had the past five years to take her experience and knowledge and apply it to the growth and success of UOIT. The passion for making UOIT great radiated during our interview, especially when I inquired about why she relocated from Alberta to join the UOIT team.

“I started as the dean of science at UOIT and what drew me to it, was that this was an opportunity to make a difference at a university. I’d been at universities that ranged in age from just under 50 years old to almost 150 years old, and when you say ‘hey why don’t we try doing this’ and they say ‘we tried that’ but you find out they tried it 40 years ago so this was a real opportunity to make a difference and make this a great university. That was what initially attracted me to it, and when I got here the energy of the place and the green design concepts, the copper roof, drainage ponds so that contaminants don’t get in the water, the geothermal heat and cooling – all these things really struck me as being consistent with who I was as a person so the values of the institution matched what I wanted to do, and now that I've done that, what keeps me here are the people.”

Want to learn more about The Provost and her work at UOIT? Find out more on the UOIT website


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